The Curt’s Cafe “TripleCast”

Happy Summer Everyone!

Hope y’all had a great spring. It seems to be hot everywhere, but we’ll try to keep you cool with great jazz all summer long on Curt’s Café…

You may have noticed recently that we are expanding our reach a bit.  We’ve had the streaming radio station running via for over five years now. Listener response has been great. But we’ve also heard from some of you, that you love the stream, but it can be frustrating because you’ll log on just in time to miss a great song that we’ve tweeted about.

Thanks to the influence of great, technically savvy, friends such as Donna M (aka @ElementsofJazz on Twitter) and veteran NYC radio DJ/VJ Carlos DeJesus (@carlosdejesus) we’ve started to branch out in ways that we hope will allow us to bring you more of the jazz you want, when you want it.

So, in addition to Curt’s Café Noir, we now offer two different two blip streams. 

  • On, we offer a variety of jazz tracks and videos, plus a dash of classic soul and R ‘n B. The tracks range from the familiar, to the new, to the rare.  We’ll be constantly digging through the thousands of tracks available to find something that we hope you’ll enjoy.  And you’ll be able to access the content anytime you want, by clicking the link in the tweet; or if you go to my page, you’ll be able to hear/see any of the hundreds of blips in my library.  To access Curt’s Café Noir’s blip page, click
  • On we’ll feature audio tracks directly from my personal library.  They will either be classic jazz or R n’ B that is out of print (OOP) or something more recent from what we call a TDWR (Talent Deserving Wider Recognition).  For the TDWR tracks, I will always give the name of the album/CD that the track comes from, in the hope that you’ll like what you hear and support that artist by buying his or her music.  To access our Twiturm content. Click this link: Twiturm  

And our original 24/7/365 streaming station, Curt’s Café Noir, is still on the air “Keepin’ your jazz real, since 2004”. The link to the station is here: Curt’s Café

Now we’re bringing you great jazz in three ways, the Curt’s Café “TripleCast”, to borrow an old expression.  It’s all part of our mission, to get more people listening to some of the world’s greatest music.

That’s the deal, y’all. Please keep in touch and let me know what you want to hear, so we can try to bring it to you. I’m really, really going to try to keep in touch in this space more often.  My email address is and of course, we are on Twitter

Until the next time, the jazz continues…


One Response to “The Curt’s Cafe “TripleCast””

  1. you can keep introducing me to wonderful music. Not sure who did it, but someone introduced me to the music of Christian Scott and I so love the CD I just bought

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