Birthday Video Tribute – Esperanza Spalding

I’ve always dug Esperanza Spalding for her music. Now that I’ve found that we share the same birthday, I dig her even more.

She’s been called “the future of jazz”, “The Beyoncé of Jazz”, “jazz’s savior” “the coolest guest ever on my show” (by a leering David Letterman) and many other heady things.

I choose to call her a damn good musician, with a bright future and leave it at that…

One more thing I call her – the reigning Grammy “Best New Artist” (I’m still a little giddy over that one!)

Here are a few samples of her art. After viewing, feel free to attach the superlative of your choice…

Happy Birthday, Ms. Spalding!

Esperanza Spalding performs “Overjoyed” at the White House – Before the President and Stevie Wonder

Esperanza Spalding performs “I Know You Know” from her breakout album ‘Esperanza’

With her trio, at the Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony

Finally, on the very hip “Jazz Ain’t Nothin’ But Soul”

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