Song for My Father – Double Dose

song for my fatherWithout a doubt “Song for My Father” is the most well-known composition and performance of Horace Silver’s illustrious career.

For Father’s Day, I’m not going to say much. I’ll just let Mr. Silver have the floor. First, in the famous studio version and then in an excellent live take from 1968, when Silver’s working group included Billy Cobham, Bill Hardman and Bennie Maupin.

Nothing else to say here but Happy Father’s Day to my fellow Dads! Hope that your day was a great one.


3 Responses to “Song for My Father – Double Dose”

  1. David Easter Says:

    Never tire listen to Song for My Father — appropriate post for Father’s Day. Thank you.

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  3. I featured your remarks in a post I did today . . . I loved Horace Silver. Thanks for sharing the live performance of SFMF . . . which I’d never seen.

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