Jazz Artists We Lost in 2014 – Part II

To yesterday’s list we add another group of jazz great who passed on in 2014. We remember them and we celebrate and forever cherish their artistry:

  • John Blake 
  • Joe Bonner 
  • Jackie Cain (Jackie & Roy) 
  • Roy Campbell 
  • Paul Horn 
  • Herb Jeffries 
  • Ronny Jordan 
  • Idris Muhammad 
  • Frank Strazzeri 
  • Kenny Wheeler 
  • Joe Wilder 

May they all Rest In Peace


2 Responses to “Jazz Artists We Lost in 2014 – Part II”

  1. skydayton Says:

    Curtis: that is not Idris Muhammad it is the very living CHICO FREEMAN! And Kenny Wheeler played trumpet not guitar. Who is the guitarist? GET IT STRAIGHT!

    • Thank you for your comment. I am well aware of the identities of each of the individuals you mentioned.

      However, the framing shot that you see for each video on my blog is selected by You Tube and the individuals who own the videos, not by me. Had you bothered to click on the link and view the video clips before choosing to rip me, you would have seen that Mr. Muhammad and Mr. Wheeler, may they rest in peace, are featured prominently in the videos.

      With all due respect, Skydayton, may I suggest that you “get it straight” and view a post in its entirety before posting your feedback.

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