Best Jazz Albums of 2017 (So Far)

farnell newtonI’ve been away from regular blogging for a minute. Through my show, I’ve gotten to hear a lot of first rate new projects during the first half of the year. So what better way to return to regular posts than to give recognition to the finest discs that I’ve heard so far this year. The list includes five vocal and ten instrumental albums (and one EP), listed in alphabetical order. The next two posts will be closer looks at the albums, including video clips.

Vocal Albums 


Instrumental Albums


3 Responses to “Best Jazz Albums of 2017 (So Far)”

  1. B. A. Bankhead Says:

    “Code Noir” by Carmen Lundy is my favorite vocal album; “Marseille” by Ahmad Jamal is favorite instrumental album so far this year.

  2. […] And that’s our halftime show. A great first half of the year in jazz. I’ve got a stack of ¬†CDs staring at me on my desk and even more album downloads in the computer waiting to be reviewed and shared with y’all. Gonna be a busy but rewarding rest of the year. More to come, soon. If you missed the complete list, see it HERE […]

  3. […] lest we forget (and we shouldn’t). Here are the albums that were included in our first “Best Of 2017” post, back in […]

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