Purpose Statement

When I get home from a long day and I have quiet time, there’s nothing more then I rather do then listen to jazz.  For me jazz is an art form that energizes, relaxes and makes me think at the same time.   I want to share this feeling with you as if you and I were in my living room having a conversation.  Through this blog I can share my jazz knowledge and my love for jazz.  The same love that I know many of you have.   I want to share with you the stories that go behind the music.  The stories of the artists and what inspires them and what about them inspires me.  So welcome to Curt’s Jazz Cafe.   I hope you’ll stay awhile!


One Response to “Purpose Statement”

  1. Hi Curt: I’m so happy to hear that you’re adding blogging to your wonderful journalistic contributions to the world of jazz media and your incredible and tasteful jazz rotation at http://www.live365.com/cgi-bin/mini.cgi?station_name=curtjazz&tm=9643&from=rma playing 24/7. Multi-faceted and multi-talented, here’s just one more way to enjoy @curtjazz’s (see Twitter) point of view and skills. Thanks, Curtis. (Bet you didn’t know I could write more than 140 characters ;).)



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